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Fixed Tag Search omitting results

posted May 13, 2019

After uploading that last blog post, I realized that the search was omitting a page from most of the tags. That is, one of the pages tagged with each tag was not showing up.

Eventually I figured out that the code that pulls the tagged files out of the index file wasn't trimming filenames properly, so the search was trying to open pages with a line break at the end of the filename, not finding them, and skipping them.

Should be fixed now. Eventually I would like to do some further upgrades but this should do for the time being.

Why I Call Gay People “Gay People”

posted May 11, 2019

Tags: gender and sexuality, morals and ethics, religion

You're Catholic. Or maybe you're not, so let's pretend you are. Let's also pretend it's the Reformation and your country has officially gone Protestant. Your religion is absolutely not welcome. Those in power sincerely believe that your religion is diabolically evil and the population needs to be protected from it.

Now, this isn't one of those countries where you'll get burned at the stake or have your skin flayed off and made into the cover of a book. (I'm actually not sure that ever happened.) They think your religion is evil, and they aren't shy about letting you know it (some charitably, others decidedly not), but they don't want to hurt you. Physically, at least. Emotionally and economically? It varies. But let's say you've found a relatively tolerant neighborhood where people are more or less willing to live and let live.

There's one catch: Nobody says “Catholic.” Your Protestant neighbors certainly never use it. They will call you “Papist.” Your religion, they call “Popery.” The kinder ones may say you “suffer from” or “struggle with” Popery, or just call you a “person with Popery,&rdquo but they never call you Catholic. If you want to live with them, they say, you can't call yourself Catholic, either. You have to use their words.

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Tag Search now sorts by date

posted February 13, 2019

I updated the tag search program so search results are now sorted correctly. In the blog, posts are sorted by date, newest first. In the art gallery, they're sorted alphabetically. This was the most important missing feature that I've been wanting to add for a long time, so I'm glad to finally have that done.

There are a few features I still want to add. First of all, there are some optimizations that would make displaying the search results a bit faster (especially as the number of posts increases). I'd also like to make the tags case-insensitive. Eventually, I want to add support for tags with special characters (say, “Pokémon”).

For the moment, though, it's where I want it to be.

WIP Report: Sorceress Comic: Panel 1 Pencils Complete

posted January 29, 2019

Tags: art, comics, WIP report, writing

Well, guys, I did it. I actually beat a deadline.

In fact, I was basically done on Sunday the 20th, and just put in a few tweaks and finishing touches over the following few days. Since then, I've been making decent progress on panel 2. All in all, I'm feeling pretty good.

Panel 2 is a mid-shot of the nobleman and his escort, so I can no longer put off their designs. I'm not going back to getting bogged down in model sheets and concept art, though. I'm just going straight to drawing the characters on the page based on the work I've already done, doing any additional research and designing as I go.

As things stand, I basically have the escort/squire guy figured out. There are some details I still need to tighten up, but it's pretty much just a matter of drawing him now. The nobleman, though, is a work in progress. I more or less have the face figured out, but the costume is still completely up in the air.

I'm also becoming re-acquainted with my inability to draw two eyes the same shape, the same size, and pointed in the same direction. Gotta work on that.

Goal for February 2019: Finish pencils for page 1, panel 2.

WIP Report: Sorceress Comic: Page 1 Layout

posted January 19, 2019

Tags: art, comics, WIP report, writing

2018 has passed, and with it, my soft deadline for the pencils on the first panel of the first page of my comic. And no, I didn't get that panel finished.

This time, though, there's a good reason! I actually accomplished more than I planned to. When I set the goal of finishing panel 1 by the end of December, it had slipped my mind that my process involved doing the layout sketches for a page digitally, then printing it out and drawing over it in pencil.

You see the problem: I had to do the layouts for the whole page before I could even start the pencils. I mean, I could just do the layout of the first panel, cut that panel out of the page, and then tape the whole thing back together when it's done, but that's unwieldy. Besides, I ended up having to make changes to the first panel based on how the later panels ended up, so it's better to have the whole layout done before pencils.

But I did get it finished, and have since made good progress on the panel 1 pencils, so I guess it's all good. Here's a sneak peak:

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Catholics Can't Accept Anti-Semitism

posted January 2, 2019

Tags: morals and ethics, religion, social justice

Anti-Semitism has always been a problem, but it's currently a growing problem, both in general and in Catholic circles, and we need to cut it out.

I mean, that's obvious, right? It bothers me that this needs to be said, and I'm still not sure I even should say it. Am I just virtue signaling? “Hey, guys, I'm not part of the problem, go be mad at someone else”? I don't know. But I can't just keep silent and let bigots claim to speak for me.

That, more or less, is the crux of a recent post by Simcha Fisher, who has been suffering anti-Semitic trolling and even threats of violence for just about as long as she's been a Catholic blogger with a Jewish-sounding name.

I tend to avoid the corners of the Internet where this sort of thing tends to appear, but I've seen hints of it anyway: When Fisher lost her National Catholic Register writing gig over some kerfuffle allegedly about swearing on Facebook, I posted a comment on Mark Shea's blog suggesting that Fisher seek funding via Patreon. It didn't take long for someone to reply that she should have no trouble getting money from George Soros.

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Inktober 2018 Comments

posted December 5, 2018

Tags: art, comics, WIP report, writing

Whoops, my hand slipped and I accidentally did another Inktober instead of working on my comic. Don't worry, I am working on that again (in case you missed my last post). But more on that later. For now, I want to talk about these goofy little ink drawings.

I didn't want to do what I did last time and put a description of each piece in the gallery description. Rather than clutter that page with descriptions and still have to pare everything down to a sentence or two, I figured I'd just make a separate post over here in the blog. There are some pieces I'm skipping because I don't have anything interesting to say about them, but you can see the complete assortment in the gallery.

I did much better this year than in 2016 with sticking with the challenge, even though my work schedule means I had less time in the evenings for actually working on the drawings. I'm proud to say that I didn't miss a single day this time. I'm less proud of how some of the drawings turned out, though; I feel like I got sloppy with a lot of them. But without further ado:

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Work In Progress Report: Sorceress Comic: Major Timetable Changes

posted November 22, 2018

Tags: art, comics, WIP report, writing

As you've probably noticed, progress on the comic has stalled out.

Let me start with where things stand: I have completely given up on my timetable. I've barely accomplished anything since my last update in the summer, and there's no way to get all the remaining work done in less than two months. I'm not going to set a new timetable, because that would just be setting myself up to repeat the same failure again. However, make no mistake: I absolutely intend to finish the project. I'm just going to have to make some major adjustments in my approach.

So let me take a moment to explain what went wrong, and then I'll go over my new plan.

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Inktober 2018 Results in the Art Gallery

posted November 19, 2018

I took a break from the ongoing comic project to do another Inktober challenge, and finally have the resulting drawings put together and ready to post. You can see them in the gallery. Sorry it took so long to get these posted.

While I was poking around the gallery anyway, I updated all the deviantArt links from the old scheme to the new scheme, and made them all https.

I also owe you a post on the comic project, as my timetable has pretty much evaporated. I'm working on a post about the Inktober drawings themselves, too, since I decided not to describe them individually in the gallery description this time. Watch this space.

Work In Progress Report: Sorceress Comic: Character Design Progress

posted July 7, 2018

Tags: art, comics, WIP report, writing

I'm officially behind schedule. There are several reasons for this, some of which may justly be called excuses or chalked up to poor time management on my part: There's the burnout I wrote about in the previous update, of course, as well as the mostly unrelated drawing I worked on to get over said burnout. There's the series of non-art-related projects I worked on for other people. There's also my work schedule, which has me spending a lot more time commuting than before, leaving me with little time or energy on workday evenings. Then, of course, there's my habit of getting bogged down in too many details.

First things first: I didn't get that other drawing finished, but I'm proud of what I have so far. I'll go ahead and share the WIP here:

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