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Video games

Star Fox Command
(March 17, 2010) My thoughts on the latest Star Fox Game. Naturally, written in the middle of Lent, for which I gave up video games. And on a deadline, so it could use more editing. Expect this to be updated sometime after Easter.


Sonic the Hedgehog #133
(January 16, 2016) The "Home" and "Mobius: 25 Years Later" arcs bore me.
Sonic the Hedgehog #132
(October 11, 2015) "Home" and "Mobius: 25 Years Later" continue. I have opinions about them. Many opinions.
Sonic the Hedgehog #131
(August 11, 2013) Review of the debut issue of the Mobius: 25 Years Later saga. Also features part 2 of the Home arc.
Sonic Universe #50
(August 11, 2013) A review of Sonic Universe's Metal Sonic-themed second milestone issue. Features "Forged in Fire" and (most of) the latter half of STH #25's "Go Ahead... Mecha My Day"
Sonic the Hedgehog #130
(May 06, 2013) A look at the ambitious first installment of the game-changing (...ish) "Home" arc.
Sonic the Hedgehog #129
(April 08, 2013) Review of issue #129, which concludes "Tossed in Space."
Sonic the Hedgehog #128
(March 17, 2013) Review of the first issue of the Sonic comic I received when I subscribed back in 2003. Features Parts 3 and 4 of "Tossed in Space."