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Pornography is Inherently Abusive


Tags: gender and sexuality, morals and ethics, sexualization, social justice

First things first: This post is going to talk about sexual abuse. If you’re under 13, I recommend grabbing a favorite parent or other trusted adult before reading anything to do with sex, abusive or otherwise. There's nothing particularly explicit in this post, probably nothing that would faze you if you've seen actual porn (which on average seems to happen around age 13) but I'm still advising parental guidance and reader discretion.

Often, when my fellow Christians try to argue against pornography to a secular audience (who won't be swayed by “whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her…,” they fall back on “natural law” arguments. These aren't inherently religious in principle, but to be frank, a telos-based sexual ethics has some problems, the first of which is that it relies on a philosophical framework that's barely used by anyone except Catholic nerds.

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Updated contact/social media info

Posted November, 2022

So DeviantArt is looking not so great these days with the whole AI “art” kerfuffle. I was going to write a whole blog post about that, and I may still do so eventually, but for now I'm just moving some eggs to another basket. And that basket is Mastodon! I'm (I'm not leaving DeviantArt, for now, but I won't be very active there for the near term.)

I took the opportunity to update the sidebar with links to my major socials, which for now (and the foreseeable future) are just DeviantArt and Mastodon. I also updated the About page with the same links, as well as removing a link to a now-defunct forum and adding links to my current ones.