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I've had this project on and off the back burner for most of the year, ever since February when I was introduced to Magic: The Gathering and got inspired to do some more fantasy art. When I realized how long it had been since I did any serious drawing, I decided it was time to make it a priority and get it finished.

I made two changes to make this much less of a disaster than my last attempt at inking a drawing. First, I enlarged it from the original pencils with the intention of reducing it for the Web, so the imperfections don't show up as much. Second, I stuck with my tried-and-true microns, which I'm more comfortable with. I miss the darker blacks of the India ink, but the microns are so much easier to use than the brush. (Besides, the full-res scan is pure black and white, so the darkness isn't an issue at this point.)

There are things I'm not happy with. I forgot to look at it in a mirror until it was almost done, so the perspective is a little wonky. (I didn't do a real perspective grid this time, either.) I basically just gave up on the positioning of the tail up after redrawing it a few dozen times. I initially couldn't decide whether the expression should be a scowl or a siadistic grin, and I thought I eventually made up my mind and went with the grin, but it looks more like I couldn't decide and ended up halfway between the two. And while I spent a long time researcing pouches of all things, the rest of the costume and especially the armor are totally bogus. Finally, there are a few near-tangents.

As usual, though, I'm content with the end result. (I know it seems like I always say that, but the truth is I just don't post the ones I'm unhappy with.) Just like the last piece, I think it's an improvement over what came before.

This might look fuzzy depending on your browser's zoom level, so here's a larger version, just in case: View large version. Also see this image on deviantArt.

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