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Work In Progress Report: Planning a Comic

posted January 18, 2018

Tags: art, comics, Necessity comic, WIP report, writing

Last summer, I said I wanted to update this blog more with works-in-progress and the like, to give myself some motivation to finish things. Since then, of course, it's been radio silence. Turns out I'm not good at finishing things.

So this year I've set myself a goal. Call it a New Year's Resolution if you want. I have a project that I've been sporadically chipping away at for the better part of the last two years, or maybe longer. This year, if at all possible, I'm going to finish it.

The project is a short comic featuring the sorceress lioness character from the drawing I posted at the end of 2015. Not everything is nailed down yet, but here's what I do know so far:

Of course, there's a lot I still have to figure out:

Where does the project stand right now? I've done some of the thumbnailing for the opening page, and after discarding some old Ideas I think I know roughly how it should flow, but I'm nowhere near done with it yet. I've also started on the costume research. I figure I know all I need for one of the background characters, and I've cut another because some things I learned made the character not quite work.

I'm fairly happy with where I am, but I need to get that project breakdown and tentative schedule done soon. I'll post it (or at least parts of it) when it's ready. In the meantime, here's a peek at some of those thumbnails. (Sorry, they're kind of messy.)

thumbnail 1 thumbnail 2 thumbnail 3