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Some Advice for Fellow Christians


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Minna Sundberg, writer/artist of the esteemed Stand Still, Stay Silent , who converted from atheism to Christianity last year, was baptized a little under two weeks ago. I left her a comment congratulating her, and offered a couple other thoughts. My comments seemed to resonate with some of my fellow commenters, so I thought I'd reproduce them here:

First, be aware that there's a honeymoon phase. There will be times in your life (especially right after a conversion) when you're on fire, and then there will be times that you're…not. Don't let your impassioned feelings now or lack of them later separate you from the gift of reason that God gave you. Your religion isn't true just because it feels good, and it won't be false later just because it doesn't.

Second, during those on-fire times, don't get so swept up in zeal for the faith that you lose sight of what it's all about. You're not primarily called to be an apologist or a soul-winner, and God isn't impressed with how right you are about theology or how many arguments you win. It's about love, and to do that right you need humility. I've probably driven as many people away from Christ as I led toward him because I lost sight of this.