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Where I Write

posted March 03, 2012

Tags: photos, Jennifer Fulwiler, writing

Jennifer Fulwiler, Catholic blogger and progenitor of the 7 Quick Takes phenomenon, has posted a pictorial tour of her personal writing space and an invitation for others to post tours of their own spaces.

Never one to take up a challenge, but also never one to pass up a chance for a stupid joke, I decided to join in the fun. Here's where I write:

My lap.

I take the term "laptop" literally.

But seriously, I do most of my writing on my laptop. Even when I'm at one of my desks, half the time the laptop is on my lap. I also like to take it into the living room so I can at least pretend to interact with my family while I'm engrossed in my computer. I also sit with it on my bed periodically.

The truth is, neither my office nor my quasi-home-office/studio/entertainment center is really a good writing space. At work, most of the space is reserved for (uh) work, and at home, my desk is more like a dumping ground for books, unsorted mail, and unfinished bits and pieces of projects that I will (possibly maybe) finish one day.

Hmm... I wonder if this has anything to do with how little writing I get done.

For examples of people who do it right, see Tess at The Lighthouse, Amy Welborn at Charlotte was Both, the inspiring before-and-after of Kathleen Basi at So Much to Say, So Little Time, and Ashley at Scribbles and Bits, whose approach is much like mine but with less failure. ;) Jennifer Fulwiler's post (linked above) has the complete list.

And since it would be cheating to take part without actually showing my writing space, here's what my desk at home looks like when it's clean...ish:

My desk at home