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Hey, it's these guys! I don't know if they have names, official-like, but I've been calling them Bruno (the tall one) and Rufus (the short one). As you can see, Viola has a way of coming out of nowhere to ruin people's day. I'm really looking forward to sharing the rest of the story with you.

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Panel One

Bird's-eye view of two men (actually anthropomorphic lions) walking along a dirt path in a grassy area alongside a lake. The taller one, with a sword in its scabbard, is a couple paces ahead of the shorter one. They are about to walk past a short, coniferous tree and the remnants of a stone wall. The tops of three deciduous trees can be seen in the foreground.

Panel two

Medium shot of the two lions. Trees and mountains can be seen in the distance behind them. The taller, on the left, has a dark tan fur and a brown mane. He wears a grayish gambeson with a belt around his waist. His scabbard hangs from another belt over his shoulder, but he holds it in one hand and the grip of his sword in the other.

The shorter lion, still lagging slightly behind, has medium tan fur and a red mane. He hangs his head, eyes downcast, and wrings his head nervously. He wears a gray cloak over a bright green tunic with wide sleeves and gold trim, fastened with a red belt secured with a large knot. A reddish purse hangs from the belt, mostly obscured by his sleeve and cloak.

Panel three

A lioness leaps in from out of frame, grabbing the shorter lion by the shoulders and knocking him off-balance. Her face is turned slightly away from the viewer and partially obscured by her shoulder. She wears a short-sleeved, beige tunic. A large, leather pouch is attached to her belt by two loops.

Panel four

A reverse shot shows the taller lion, now several paces ahead, as he starts to turn around and draw his sword. More trees and mountains can be seen in the distance behind him, as well as a small village. The lake is visible off to the right.

Panel five

The taller lion, now fully turned around, continues drawing his sword as he begins running toward the viewer. A bit more of the ruined stone wall can be seen to the left.