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Art Gallery: Shard and the Best Idea Ever

Shard and the Best Idea Ever comic strip.
Sonic waves his hands in the air in panic. Shard is holding Krudzu in a jar.
Sonic: How do we get Sally back to normal!?
Shard: Let's use this! 
Shard throws the Krudzu at Mecha Sally.
Sally becomes entangled in Krudzu vines.
Shard presses a button. 
Mecha Sally is enveloped in a cloud of blue smoke.
SFK: Poof
Sally is no longer a robot, but she's now green and has leaves and vines growing out of her body.
Sally: Thanks, guys. Good job.

(Note to visually-impaired readers: You didn't miss much.)

This comic is a sort of parody of an idea from the end of the "Endangered Species" arc that ran in Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic. I hope you don't mind the minor spoiler, but I figure enough time has passed now. I thought Shard's suggestion of using the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra to restore Sally to her normal self made almost no sense at all, but I figured it would be fun to explore the possible side effects.

In doing research for this comic, I discovered that there is apparently no canonical way to draw Mecha Sally's hair. In fact, it even has a totally different structure when drawn at different angles, even by the same artist in the same story. I did my best, though, and I think it came out okay.

Overall, though, the more I look at the comic, the less satisfied I am. Maybe I'm just sick of it after working on it for so long, but it seems to fall a bit flat now.

Still, it was an accomplishment for me to bring a project like this to completion. It was my first serious attempt at inking digitally, and at drawing a comic, so in that context I think it turned out reasonably well.

I have a slightly larger version in case anything's hard to read. View larger version. Also see this image on deviantArt.

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