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Art Gallery: A Very Vivian Birthday

A Very Vivian Birthday comic strip.
Vivian glares at the viewer.
Vivian: They tell me one of the pathetic humans is celebrating a birthday!
Vivian scratches her chin and looks thoughtful.
Vivian: Of course, I'd never wish happiness on anyone. So I'm not sure why the asked me to...
SFX: Click
Vivian stares and points in the direction of the click, a confused look on her face.
Vivian: Wait, what's--
A cake with the icing inscription "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" falls from the sky and lands on Vivian.
Vivan: You'll all pay dearly for this.
Vivian appears courtesy of MtfoxX3 (
Comic by Linebyline (
Special thanks: Whoever invented cake

It just so happened that MtfoxX3's birthday came up at around the same time that I started to feel like drawing another dragon. And by pure coincidence (or not), MtfoxX3 happens to be the artist and auhor behind Flint and Steel (a.k.a. Cartoon Dragons), a surprisingly deep series of comics and illustrated stories involving—you guessed it—dragons. A lot of those characters look like they'd be awfully fun to draw. Put that all together, and... I guess this happens.

So thanks, MtfoxX3, for being born at a time that happens to be very convenient for me! Oh, and also for letting me borrow your character. (Flint and Steel and all related characters MtfoxX3. Used with permission. All rights reserved.)

Unlike my previous comic, this is 100% traditional (unless cropping it in Photoshop counts as digital). I used the trusty blue pencil, my regular mechanical pencil, and a 6B pencil for some of the heavier lines and lettering. I even hand-lettered it, which means this might be my first actual finished work using my Ames lettering guide, which I bought, what, ten years ago? Yikes.

Also unlike the other comic, I finished it in a week, rather than six months. Go figure.

I'm not thrilled with that third panel. Vivian's face went a little off-model, and I feel like we should be seeing her other hand but I couldn't work it in without making it look awkward. Other than that, though I'm actually really happy with the way this turned out. Panel 2 is my favorite.

There's also a larger version for your View larger version. Also see this image on deviantArt.

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