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Here's an older piece from 2007. My initial idea was to doodle some Star Fox fan art between classes to pass the time. Two things changed. First, the pose seemed a bit out of character for Krystal, so I invented this foxgirl character, whom I call Sam. Second, in looking for a reason for her to be sitting like this, I came up with the train/luggage idea. I just kept going with that, and before I knew it, I had a whole background.

While I was more than satisfied enough to call this picture "finished," there are a few issues. I see some anatomy problems: Her neck is a little long, her feet are too big for her body and her boots, and the upper part of her right (our left) leg is too long—the knee should be above the edge of the cushion. I'm also starting to wish I had inked it, because the linework looks messy even after all the digital cleanup work I did. (And maybe next time I'll know not to use JPEG for linework!)

Something I try to do in most of my drawings is make them appear to be part of a story. I'm not sure how well I pulled that off here, but I hope there's at least a little bit of mystery, something to get you thinking about who she is and what she's doing on the train.

Speaking of mysteries, will I ever finish the colored version? I sure hope so!

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