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I decided to participate in Inktober again this year in an attempt to break an art block. Unlike last time, I followed the official prompt list. Almost. I hadn't decided on following the prompts until day 2, but luckily the first drawing vaguely looks like it might fit the prompt anyway. I also mixed up the prompts for the 28th and 29th. I also kept with the same two self-imposed rules as last time: No white ink/paint, and no touching drawings after the day they were drawn.

In some ways I'm prouder of this than the 2016 edition. On average, the drawings are more ambitious. I actually did a drawing each day instead of doubling up to make up missed days. However, I frequently got sloppy. There are several dumb mistakes (like the directions on the weather vane) and there are more drawings this year that I flat-out don't like (especially that snakey stretch limo).

I'm not going to clutter this description with an explanation of each drawing. Instead, I have a separate post over in the blog that goes into detail on the ones about which I think I have anything interesting to say.

The version on this page is shrunken down pretty far, but I have a much larger version as well. Like last time, instead of toggling, here's a direct link to the larger version. You can also see this image on deviantArt.

This image is tagged with: 2018, art dump, cat, dragon, fantasy, gryphon, inked, Inktober, and shaded.

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