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Here's another one of those pictures that started out as a sketch and turned into something slightly more ambitious. I actually started drawing it at a family picnic the day before Memorial Day. I got so invested that I kept working on it and ended up finishing it the same day. I almost never do that, so I'm rather proud of this drawing (even if it's not, you know, amazing).

The scene is largely invented, but heavily inspired by the area where the picnic was held.

As you can tell from my incredibly creative title, it's by the side of a lake, but I'm not sure the lake in the drawing actually looks like water. The road not being visible is true to what it looked like from where I was sitting, but I'm not sure it doesn't look like there's just a guard rail there for no reason. The shading of those background trees is inconsistent, there's too sharp a drop-off from from the detailed background trees to the vague treeish shapes immediately behind them, and the trees overall still look messier and scribblier than I'd prefer.

For all that, though, I am happy with this. It's scribbly, but less so than some of my other attempts to draw a landscape (especially the one from day 2 of last year's Inktober) and there's at least some difference in leaf shape from one tree to the next. Looking over it now, I think I did a better job than I thought I'd done selling the space between the guard rail and the trees behind it.

As usual, I've included a larger version of this image (direct image link). You can also see this image on deviantArt.

This image is tagged with: 2019, landscape, pencil, shaded, and sketchbook.

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