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Slash Attack

I do a lot of drawing while procrastinating other drawings. I drew this while taking a break from the comic that stars this character. It's something of a quickie, drawn in one evening and inked in another evening a few days later.

I wanted to play around with extreme foreshortening. The results are a little bit mixed. You'll notice I pretty much hid the arm behind the magic fire effect because I couldn't get it looking right. Still, it's probably the most dynamic and lively drawing in my gallery so far. I think that's worth something.

I drew this on the same size paper as the last one, Viola, but this time I didn't even use the whole thing so what you're seeing here has extra negative space cropped out. Consequently, I'm not including a larger version. As always, though, I am including a link to this picture on deviantArt.

This image is tagged with: 2019, anthro, inked, lineart, lion, and Viola.

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