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The sorceress character from “Lioness Sorceress Line Art” finally has a name! I don't have to keep calling her “the sorceress” anymore! Meet Viola. It's Latin! Latin is cool, right?

This started as a warmup for work on the comic project I've been working on but it turned out nicely enough that I went ahead and finished and inked it, meaning I never did get around to working on the comic that day. Tip: Warmups are supposed to be doodles, not full drawings—even little ones like this.

This is not my proudest ink job, even compared to my already-questionable record. I forgot to ink any interior lines of her fist, and there are some other errors. The background, I think, just turned out ugly; I think it would be much better with a gray wash of some kind instead of hatching (but I was too lazy to go get my India ink). My scanner didn't exactly help; the ink is apparently shiny enough to make a bunch of bright spots in the scan, which turned to white specks and splotches when I converted to pure black/white. I edited most of those out. (I guess I could have also fixed the errors at that point, but that feels too much like cheating. If I ever color this, I'll fix them then.)

In spite of all that, I'm still fairly proud of this. It's not bad for three or four hours' work!

No larger version, this time, since it was a somewhat small drawing to start with, but I am including the unedited scan (direct image link). As usual, you can also see this image on deviantArt (both the final version and the scan).

This image is tagged with: 2019, anthro, inked, lineart, lion, and Viola.

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